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High precision angular contact ball bearing
Address: NO.493, Yuhang Linping road , Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou
Phone: 0571-86152255
Fax: 0571-86153366
Web site: www.JCBAKD.com
Quiet motor bearings
Site: NO.52, Xu Village Lane Industrial Park, Haining
Phone: 0573-87999468
Fax: 0573-87999703
Web site: www.JJCCBB.com

Brand: JJCCB®

Manufacturing: high precision angular contact bearing, ball screw support bearings, quiet motor bearings
Product performance: can adapt to high temperature, low temperature and high speed; vibration noise, sealing, lubrication, life is brought The first level; precision can reach P2
Products Matching : machining centers, machine tools, grinder, lathe, milling machine, household appliances

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